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What is MyoThai?

  • MyoThai is my signature blend of myofascial release and fascial stretching with Thai Yoga massage maneuvers mixed in. 
  • In other words, think long, deep sustained compressions done with a mix of my hands, feet, knees, or other body parts accompanied by Yoga-type stretch moves.
  • MyoThai is gentle in nature, but if the central nervous system does not react, you, the client, may gladly request more pressure. I, as the practitioner, will periodically check in to see if the pressure is adequate/sustainable.
  • Communication is pivotal in keeping both parties accountable so that we aren't wasting time. Don't hesitate to note if the pressure is too much.  This is not a, "no pain, no gain," situation!  Less is more with this type of work. Sessions are suppose to be therapeutic, so let loose, unwind, and relax.

What should I expect in our Thai massage? Do I undress?

  • If you're a new client, we do a quick meet and greet, discuss your medical history, any areas of focus and then discuss your treatment plan.
  • Clients are fully clothed for the entirety of the session. It's suggested to wear workout attire in order to benefit from the techniques utilized in-session.
  • All work is done on the mat (futon).  Props, such as pillows, blankets, and Yoga blocks may be used based on flexibility restrictions.
  • If you're a return client, we'll discuss what has changed from the last session, and reassess your treatment plan.

What if I'm late?

  • No worries.  If you aren't there within 15 min of appointment time, I'll call to make sure you're still on the way.
  • I always buffer my sessions for 30 minutes afterwards just in case you're running late. Cause life happens.

What should I do after my appointment? Will I be sore afterwards?

  • It's highly suggested to make sure to hydrate after our session.  Since we are moving around a bunch of soft tissue, like fascia, muscle, tendon, ligaments, etc, we want to make sure you're adequately hydrated to sustain lasting effects of our session.
  • Post-session, it’s not uncommon to become sore. This soreness shouldn’t last for more than a few days. Remember to hydrate so your body can recover.

Holy cow! 3 hour sessions!? Why would I want that?

  • In the Rehab sessions, with more time, I'm able to efficiently assess the entire body instead of a specific area.  Our bodies are a system of the sum of parts made whole.  For example, an old ankle injury could possibly be the underlying issues to a kinked neck or back issue. 
  • The main objective of the Rehab sessions is to account for your entire body and wellbeing.  In the shorter sessions, I am only able to assess a smaller portion of the body.  This is how MyoThai works.  The body takes time to acclimate to change and needs that time to make lasting change so you don't have to come see me or other practitioners as often (aka longer lasting effects of the session).  
  • TLDR; Long sessions = longer lasting effects = less frequency = more money in your pocket to get wonderful Colorado beer.

How often should I get a session?

  • Bodywork is extremely individualized. Many variables, such as time and financial restraints, can dictate frequency. Suggested frequency is at least once a month for health and wellbeing.

    How do I get to your office?

    • So glad you asked! Below is a short video detailing how to get into the building from the parking lot down to my office space.  You can always call/text me at 720.432.6366 if you get lost.


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