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 What should I expect in our Thai massage? Do I undress? 🧐

  • If you're a new client, we do a quick meet and greet, discuss your medical history, any areas of focus and then discuss your treatment plan for the session.
  • Clients are fully clothed for the entirety of the session. It's suggested to wear workout attire in order to benefit from the techniques utilized in-session.
  • All work is done on the mat (futon).  Props, such as pillows and blankets. may be used based on mobility restrictions.
  • If you're a return client, we'll discuss what was beneficial, what has changed from the last session, and reassess your treatment plan.
What should I do after my appointment? Will I be sore afterwards?
  • Hydrate!  Since we are moving lots of tissue around, hydration helps keep the tissues mobile and sustain lasting effects for longer durations between appointments.
  • Post-session, it’s not uncommon to become a little sore.  The soreness shouldn’t last for more than a few days. My theory is that so much tissue is being moved, it causes micro-bruising. Just remember to hydrate, relax, and recover.

Holy cow! 3 hour sessions!? Why would I want that?

  • The Rehab sessions are for seasoned bodywork receivers.  With the added time, more of the body can be addressed, equating to more relief between sessions. It's suggested frequency is once every 2 months.

How often should I get a session?

    • Bodywork is extremely individualized. Many variables, such as time and financial restraints and if it's a necessity at the moment.  Suggested frequency is at least once a month for health and wellbeing.
If you have any questions or comments, please fill out this form below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Feel free to call or text at 720.432.6366. We're available weekdays only between 9a-7p MST
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